Hotel Rooms Still Available For Pope's Visit To Philadelphia - CBS Local

posted on 03 Aug 2015 11:36 by gabbyverse8332
"Sure, you're likely to spend a bit bit more for rooms," he says, "but I think for a once-in-a generation event such as the papal visit, it's well worth it."

By Pat Toddy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Throughout just eight weeks, Pope Francis will be celebrating mass with a million plus people on the Ben Franklin Parkway. If you would like to remain in Philadelphia for that historic event, there's nevertheless space at the inn.

On a recent vacation to Ecuador, the actual pope took selfies together with his fans who have offered him rock star status. Grose indicates checking resort web sites for the best rate.

Hotel rooms are usually nevertheless available says Ed Grose, Executive Director with the Philadelphia Resort Association, which recommends remaining from Thursday, September 24 by means of Monday, September 28.

Hotel price is higher than usual for that papal visit towards the United States. We can't guarantee the same compensate here, nevertheless if you stay in Philadelphia, there is actually certainly definitely any chance of catching the glimpse of the Holy Father or even hearing his message associated with love, in-person.

Hotels are required to always be able to sell out soon. Grose couldn't give specifics, however stresses the historical impact in the event.

"That way they're within the city, as well as won't must obvious via safety in Saturday," Grose says, "they'll previously always be in the city, also it will most likely be a lot less difficult for them."